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Cerebrum (2020)

2h 02min   |   English  | Sci Fi Thriller

On the verge of going penniless, hippie Tattoo artist Tom Davis reluctantly reconnects with his estranged dad, Kirk, a secretive scientist. Agreeing to help with his research in exchange for financial support, little does Tom know of the illegal world of memory transfer technology his father has been working on in the Texas countryside.  What was supposed to be a temporary gig for Tom quickly proves to be far more dangerous and entrapping than he had planned, with several preying eyes set on the disrupting technology. Tom sets out to unravel the truth using his father’s highly unstable and volatile research, racing against time as he risks the very fabrics of his mind to prove his innocence - or pay the price.

CEREBRUM Teaser Trailer
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Available on Amazon Prime, DirecTV, Vudu, Xfinity, and Dish Network
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